Strategic uses of Virtual Reality


vr headset.png

The article I read spoke about the new uses and innovations of virtual reality.  With the emergence of virtual reality there are now new ways to sell products and showcase designs.  As the article stated virtual reality will now hope revolutionize the “try before you buy” concept


This will enable companies to get a greater sense of competitive advantage because now they can lock in buyers before the even touch the product.

Furthermore, they can reduce competition by showing off how they’re product differs from the competitors in a more immersive and user-friendly format.

This type of innovation relates to what we are studying in management information systems because by using virtual reality companies can gain a new form of competitive advantage in almost every industry that has yet introduce the tech.

By re-introducing old products with the new virtual reality extension there may be new opportunities that arise that may help re-define and re-shape several dying industries such as the tourism and insurance industry.

Lastly, there will be a lot more changes in the medical and educational industry due to virtual reality used as an immersion tool for students. With a new way to access, research, and develop skills this innovation would prove extremely helpful to schools with underprivileged students and school’s systems with low budgets.



Citation info:

  1. Oldham, P. (2017, February 03). Top 5 Virtual Reality Business Use Cases. Retrieved February 13, 2017, from,1-3497.html



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