Rediscover Your hidden Ability

This is a intellectual essay about to discover what you have mastered already completely summed

So according to the rule of 10,000 hours, which says that if you are able to complete and repeat a task for 10,000 hours  you will attain some sort of Grand master of such skill or talent. (follow link here to read more!!! >>I hate people who do that)…

Any way so when you arrive at the age for 22-30 maybe earlier maybe later. If you are unsure of what you wanted to do in life wouldn’t it make sense to tap into some of the skills you already know.

But really think about it, If you are still alive at this age you must have a close to 10k ability lurking within you. I mean just think about it if you could somehow meditate?

maybe that what meditation is? “will look further into theory”.  But mediate and recollect the memories of soil you thought you once lost. Ohhh much like Limitless magic pill.!


But yea if you could summon you memories and extract the skills it would really come in handy.

Well good luck I’m losing my train of thought.

P.S  Just know that 10k is not a mandatory goal by any means but it does signify something when you compare it to how much time other great people  spent mastering their craft.


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